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N.B: There is a crucial requisite for a reader of this article to diligently pore-over till the end to be able to decipher it’s slant.

Feminism, as opposed to patriarchalism or androcentricism, is a political or social crusade arguing that legal and social restrictions on females must be removed in order to bring about equality of both sexes in all aspects of public and private life.
In other words, it is the promulgation of women’s rights on the premise of the equality of the sexes.

Feminism, gender egalitarianism, gender equity, gender equanimity, gender equality, gender equalitarianism, sexual equality and affirmative action all mean the same thing. It is pertinent to note that gender equality is related to human rights. According to United Nations Population Fund (UNPF), gender equity is first and foremost human right and this is one of UNPF’s millennium project aimed at ending the world’s poverty by 2015. UNPF went on to say that every of it’s single goal is directly related to women’s rights, and societies where women are not afforded equal rights as men CAN NEVER achieve development in a substantive manner (this is somehow fallacious {emphasis mine}).
The promotion of gender equality is seen as an encouragement to greater economic property of any nation.

However, it has been discovered that there are some insalubrious cultural wonts contrary to women in many places in Africa. Among these are;
*Human trafficking for prostitution abroad.
*Conventional mutilation of the girl child which is believed to be done so as to prevent the girl child from being wayward.
*In some African cultures women are made to sleep with the corpses of their husbands for at least three days to prove their innocence with regards to the death of the husbands.
*Some women are forced to drink the water used to bathe the corpses of their husbands.
*Some retrogressive educational policies were put in place and implemented to the extent that certain courses are believed to be the preserved/domain of male students in which case females are not supposed to register for such courses, until very recently.
*Tax free holiday for the minimum of four children are given to men but women do not enjoy such official policy.
*Also until recently, educating the male child while leaving out the female to do domestic chores was a common act.
*Widows are expected to wear black cloth for a number of days or months depending on their ethnic or tribe.
*Even in some settings teenage girls are betrothed to some “money bags” as well as friends of their fathers.
*There is also the denigration of womanhood through insulting comments and utterances like “He behaves like a woman”
The question then is, Is it a disease to be a woman?.
*Women are always the ones of most of the victims of negative activities like wars and hooliganism.
*Women are denied rights of inheritance both in their fathers’ and husbands’ houses.
To be candid, women are also humans and they deserve a modicum of respect, love and dignity!

Nevertheless, it is imperative to warn women to be careful on their strangle desire to be men in every ramification. Like a scholar has put, “anyone that is propagating or supporting any move for gender equality (no matter how little, negligible, or insignificant the effort is) is more or less an anti-Christ.
Furthermore, like Folusho Jason Taiwo has also rightly said, “… feminism has done more damage than heal wounds it was set to heal.”
Although it may be argued that men and women are equal since both sexes are equal before the law. In other words, the law does not discriminate between the sexes. But the important questions then are,
“Are both sexes actually equal?
Do we have equal organs in our bodies?
Do we have equal physiological and biological features?”
The fact is, for two things to be equal, everything about both must be equal.

Though men and women are equally naturally endowed with intelligence, rationality and ability for critical, creative, innovative and positive thinking, yet women seem not usually allowed to develop their potentials to the fullest as a result of dependency on men, or because of some suffocating cultural constraints placed on their way. For instance, on the 27th of April 2014 it was reported on BBC that Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta signed into law a bill allowing men to take as many wives as they wish without consulting existing partners, whereas, there is no such law for Kenyan women.
It is neither an overstatement nor is it an overemphasis to say that there is much more to put forward with regards to this topic.
Being careful to incorporate religion or metaphysics, yet it is evident that every human being somewhat has a religion and is metaphysical because there is a void in man that is metaphysical and only “the unseen” can fill. Even the so called atheist serves a god. He says he believes in “nothing (nihil)”. Oblivious to him, that “nothing” is his own god. *Nothing (nihil) is actually something.*

In coherence, not minding the little digression, every religion venerates the man over the woman (note that this is not to advocate masculinism).
If every human being has a religion, and every woman is a human being, then every woman has a religion.
If every religion venerates the man over the woman, and every woman has a religion, then…

However, the agitators and advocates of feminism are to be remembered of “Gender Roles” . Any argument against this (gender roles) might be an exercise in futility. Sociologically, the male has specific and distinctive roles to play in the society, so also does the female. Both roles are incommensurable. Comical enough, some women are even doing “transgender” surgery! Even if a man decides to turn into a robot or into an animal or anything, his essence still remains_ he is still a man, just as a man that is mad is still called a “mad MAN”. So also a woman who did transgender surgery_ she is still a woman, she is a “man-WOMAN”.
In fact, transgender is a good ground to prove that advocations for gender equality is a waste of time, because it shows that there are things that the man can do that the woman can never do, the “transgendee” (my word) therefore thinks that the best thing to do is to transform into a man (such must be one of those fictional super heroes {transformers,superman…}).
Whether feminism advocates accept it or not, the fact that we have equal rights does not mean that we are equal. Every individual is distinct, separate and concrete.
It is a fact that women are given preferential treatment in every well organized society, both in their individual houses and in public places. This development does not mean that women should bust their hump to be at the helm of affairs all the time.
Things must not be mixed up, there must be clear cut roads.
Even though it is said that all men (humans) are born equal, but (apparently) are all men (humans) equal?
Are all men (humans) actually born equal?
This is a topic for another time.
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In conclusion, to an extent, as J.O. Fasoro (ethics philosophy professor) has rightly put, WOMEN ARE THEIR OWN WORST ENEMIES.
Privileged women such as intellectuals, professionals and so on do not readily co-habit very well or smoothly with their fellow women and colleagues. Such a privileged class of women always argue for the protection of their own class. Therefore, if and when they fight or argue for women emancipation they do not fight for all women but only for those who have made it, i.e. those who have achieved high social status and are qualified to compete favourably anywhere in the world. For instance, in the USA, such groups of women like the Jewish-American women, Latino-American women, Asian-American women, African-American women, aged women, disabled women, fat women and some others do not enjoy equal treatment as their enlightened intellectual counterparts; this act of discrimination and segregation is also very prevalent in Africa and some other places. It therefore implies that women do not speak with one voice; it’s apparent that they are divided against and amongst themselves.
One other salient point is that there is also the problem of dependency, in which case many women depend on their men counterparts in almost every aspect of their lives namely, financial, security, emotional, e.t.c.
Also, women in Nigeria, especially in contemporary times are making the mistake of confusing ceremonial jamboree with women political emancipation. Ceremonial jamboree and political mobilization/emancipation consciousness are not the same thing. Beauty parades, dancing in public places by women are frowned at both by rural women and highly enlightened/educated women.
The fact remains that, there are innumerous pressing and germane issues that women need to direct their energy to than feminism. If and only iff they can do this, then we’ll have better societies.Image may contain: one or more people, sky and outdoor
©Shalom Daniel
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