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“There Is A Grave Inside The Compound My Family & I Are About To Move Into”


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Hello all. Please I wasn’t sure where to ask this question. I’m about to pay for a house and I noticed there’s a graveyard inside the compound and close to our side of the house (it’s just 2 flat bungalow. Someone else is already occupying the back flat). We asked and they said the mother of the owner of the house was buried there.

At first I didn’t even mind at all but I just thought it wise to ask questions before we pay. Is there anything wrong moving into a house where someone you do not know was buried?

Also I have 2 small boys and expecting a 3rd child and my boys play a lot and I have no doubt that one day they may play to that grave as it’s at our front yard.

What are your advice please? What does it mean? Can we go ahead and stay there? Is anything wrong in staying in a house where someone was buried? I’m not afraid I just want to be sure that there’s no spiritual consequences or anything of sort.

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