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Should I Go For NYSC Or Continue My Journey Abroad?


Hello Everyone,
I am a fresh graduate from a reputable Federal Polytechnic in Nigeria. I graduated in 2017 and I am supposed to go for youth service this year (2018 Batch A Corps) which will commence soon. But I have an issue bothering me which I need a good advice on.

Last year 2017 my sister who is in USA for close to 12 years wanted me to come and hustle abroad but it’s not easy for youth to go there but through schooling, so she helped me to find a good public University to do Masters. I have done the necessary processing and I have been offered an admission and the first semester is starting August 2018, my Visa has also been granted.

The issue on ground now is that I want to have the NYSC certificate, probably if I can runs it as a ghost Corper and get the certificate on my behalf or if an exemption can be possible.

Please I need your sincere advice. Thanks.

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