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Photos: Lovers Commit Suicide Because Of Parents’ Disapproval


Love In Tokyo!

Young couple who lives in Bangladesh decided to ends their lives by hanging themselves. According to multiple reports online, their parents were not in support of their marriage which makes the two LOVEBIRDS to commit suicide because they don’t want to be separated.

Read what Patricia who shared the shocking photos wrote below;
“Wonders shall never End! “SUICIDE for LOVE ” This happened simply because their PARENTS were trying to separate the “TWO LOVER’S BIRDS” from getting married by separating them but they have chosen to END it this way. What’s wrong with the YOUTHS of NOWADAYS? Aren’t they wasted DESTINIES?
#Is that Right to suicide for love❤❤❤
.Their families were trying to move them away from each other..then they commuted suicide…
#today in Bangladesh.
I have two questions to ask and i need an answers from people Now my first question is,
Is this the love Christ is talking about?
Second question:
where will this two lovers spend their eternity?”

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