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Photo: “I Belong To Every Race” – Oluwo Of Iwo Says As He Rocks Traditional Igbo Attire


The Oluwo of Iwoland in Osun state, Adbulrasheed Akanbi who recently faced serious backlash for rocking a Northern attire and reportedly saying he wants to henceforth be addressed as the ”Emir of Yorubaland” is back again.

This time, he dressed in Ibo garment at the installation of the first Asiwaju (Leader) of Igbo Assembly in Iwoland saying his dressing is an insistence on the unity of Nigeria.

The Oluwo tasked government to relax policies militating the oneness of Nigeria such as the state of origin certificate, restriction of political aspirations to once immediate environment and many others.

He said ethnic divide has done the nation much damage, beseeching people to appreciate modern practices obtainable in developed nations for national development. He pointed only Lagos and Osun State are accommodating and voting people of different ethnic attachment into the positions of authority.

He advised the wearing of other tribe’s clothes for love and unity to make Nigeria one and preparing a better future for every Nigerian regardless of where they chose to live. He equally implore other kings to adopt every Nigerian as their own child

He pointed palaces are central actors in vital exclusive decisions most especially in the promotion of unity in the country, appealing to monarchs across the country to treat Nigerians equally and make their palace open to everyone. In his address at the installation ceremony held at Oluwo’s palace square today, noted the religious and ethnic clashes have seriously dwindled Nigeria economy to the inconvenience of all

He said that many ethnic clashes would have been foiled should people see every monarch as their father and central authority. He pointed the authority of the palace discriminate nor stigmatize but only acted as father to all parties involved in an issue. I AM A FATHER TO ALL !!!

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