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“My Friend Has Overstayed His Welcome, How Can I Ask Him To Leave My House?”


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Hi everyone.

I want a sincere advice from you people.

A friend visited me almost two weeks ago. He has never visited me before, but when he came I thought he would not spent more than two days because apart from the cloth he was wearing the day he came, he didn’t bring additional cloth, no brush, no soap, etc.

At first, he told me he can stay with me even up to a month with one cloth. He said, besides, he was sacked from his work.

Today, he forgot that he told me he was sacked; but he told me that he is on annual leave. The father asked him to come home for burial of his relative but he told me he would not go. I told him Npower has not paid us, but I will source for his transport, but he doesn’t understand me. He thought, I will give him the whole money even if Npower pays, all the money I planned and budgeted for his coming was exhausted. I added some money to make sure he eats good meal thrice in a day.

In a nutshell, I am tired, I want to be alone for now. How should I tell him I want him to leave in a pleasant manner. Please positive advice will be highly appreciated.

Thanks all.

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