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“My Experience At INEC Office Akure, Ondo State”


As shared by a social media user:

“So, I was talking to my friend on the need to get a PVC, and he told me that he was at INEC office at Akure (Ondo State) some weeks ago to register. But he was unable because the man in charge told him to go to his State to do so.
I asked him for details he said the man didn’t explain.

So I Decided to get registered today. So I arrived at INEC office Akure at Oda Road very close to NYSC zonal office by 10am this morning with my guy to register. we greeted people around and told them we wanted to register, and we were directed to a man at his early forties. We told him we wanted to register and he ask which states we were from, we told him and he said “We can’t register you, go to your states and register” I asked him Why and he said that is the instruction. We insisted and he said “Oga I have attended to you o” (in a rude manner) I told him I don’t understand, and asked who gave such instruction in a polite way. Then he snubbed us. In fact he pretended we were not there. We felt so embarrassed.

Please is there any official instruction that states we should register with INEC in our state of Origin?
If No, What is going on?”

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