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“Modern Age Feminists Are Disguised Lazy Women” – Miss Cokie


In this age and era, majority of girls want to tag themselves as a feminist, fighting for equal rights with the male counterparts!, this is a vision in hell hole

* Majority of women with the feminist mentality are group of lazy Individuals with the expertise in gold digging. You are quick to examine the flaws and fault of the male gender, but fail to realize the flaws and fault of the girl child.

* Feminism does not mean you should be rude and aggressive to the male folks else you would end up in a bad situation, because a mans ego should not be trampled upon, in the achievement of your agenda.

* Majority of women seeking for feminist right have forgotten their major role in the family, therefore, they now seek for the male counterparts to partake in the family welfare and up keep. Your husband cannot be working so hard for money, and you still expect him to change the baby diaper.

* The term feminist has being bastardized, and turned into a medium in which girls now boost up their ego while in disunity with the original idea of feminism.

Lastly, if you’re seeking for equal rights to rule, make decisions and control your self motivation about life and its surroundings, then you should master the craft of power the male counterparts has, and learn to for go issues easily like them, learn to earn like them, and learn to be brave like them.

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