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 I Didn’t Pay Or Lobby For Awards – Efe Irele 


Actress, Efe Irele, shocked many people at this year’s City People Movie Awards where she got the awards for Best Upcoming Actress and Best New Actress. Some people have also questioned the credibility of the awards ceremony, claiming that organisers only gave awards to entertainers who were willing to pay.

However, in an encounter with Sunday Scoop, Irele rubbished the claims that she might have paid for the two awards. She said, “If anyone says that I lobbied for an award, my best reply is for them to see my body of works. Within three years, I have featured in over 40 movies; so, my works speak for me. People will always say whatever they like, but I know who I am and I know I didn’t pay any money for the awards.”

The graduate of Bowen University, Iwo, stated that she didn’t expect to win two awards on the night. She added, “The feeling was out of this world. When I was called on stage for the first award, I was shocked. Inasmuch as I have been working hard, I didn’t know people were paying attention to me. As I speak to you, I still feel I have only done little as an actress. After collecting the first award, I was actually preparing to leave. But while I was being interviewed, I was called again. At first, I didn’t hear my name; it was when people started looking towards my direction and screaming my name that I realised I had won another award. I couldn’t hold back tears. The two awards have motivated me to want to do more.”

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