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AIYÉTÒRÒ {Life in the State of Tranquility} by Shalom Daniel



Aiyétòrò: World/Human Life in the state of tranquility.

Oh how exasperating and sardonic it is that man keeps seeking
permanent tranquility in a cosmos that offers the direct

Man gives himself hope in hoodwink of himself, yet in illusionary
He keeps seeking the durable and perennial in a world where “everything is
in a perpetual state of flux”

How crappy it is that the hominid and mortal keeps repeating,
replicating and retaining The Cycle of Existence that has been
enacted without any iota or thought of recourse in mind.Related image

Oh how lamentable and jinxed it appears that he was brought
into existence at the initial.
To those who bore him, he became their joy and tranquility.

They invest in and on him making him think that it’s for his good
whereas it’s for their own tranquility.
In the contemporary sphere, he gets educated, striving and seeking also tranquility.
He graduates, thinking that he has tranquility already but just in
time, to discover that it’s nowhere to be found!
Oh! What a great exasperation!Image result for frustrated man

He looks out to get a job and build a career in the ephemeral
He thinks that at this point he has gotten tranquility but
unfortunately he discovers that his tranquility is in marriage.
Could this be shallowness?

He marries just to find himself in his worst nightmare.
Just in time, it dawns on him that he married a strange bed fellow!
Oh! What a pity!Related image

He raises and builds his hope in his children (some yet unborn), just like his predecessors did to him.
But not long enough does he discovers that these children also seek their personal and individual tranquilities.
Alas! There and then comes a clash of interests.

He does hardwork to acquire money and wealth but in a twinkle of an eye, all fizzle out like a smoke.

His life can be elucidated using The Myth of Sisyphus:
“…he ceaselessly rolls a rock
to the top of a mountain, whence the stone falls back of its
own weight and then he starts rolling it up all over again.
…there is no
more dreadful punishment than futile and hopeless labor.”

Image result for myth of sisyphus

Oh how much is there to make articulate about the pessimism of
man’s struggle for tranquility.
He ostentatiously daily faces unending challenges.
His happiness seems so temporal.
His pleasure flies perpetually away from him.
He apparently exists spinelessly and impotently.

“He is so strong, yet so fragile,
So powerful, yet so weak,
So great, yet so miserable,
So curious to know_knows so much about the cosmos, yet so
ignorant about himself.
Seems, he, to be the problem of himself_a mystery beyond
He can’t even answer his own questions…”Image result for man working hard

“From time immemorial man has been asking basic questions
about his origin, nature, destiny and fate.
He asks questions like;
‘What am I?
Why do I live?
What is the meaning of my life?
What is the final analysis or the ultimate value of my life?
Where do I go from here?
Am I heading for nothingness?'”

Oh that man would discover his purpose!
Oh that he would fulfill his purpose!
Oh that he would be in existence without chauvinism and
Oh that man would be indeed free!Image result for broken man

Man O man!
Have ye a vision?
Know ye thy mission in the cosmos?
Man O man!
Oh that ye would seek inner tranquility!
Oh that ye would fight and win the battle within thee!

There is no true tranquility in the external.
Tranquility is naught but an attitude and a mindset of man.
Oh that man would deal with the enemies within!
Oh that man would see and fill up the void within himself!

Image result for man running
Oh that man would stop running a rat race!
Oh that man would stop running from pillar to post!
Oh that man would stop chasing the wind!
Oh that man would know that his existence is like a vapour!
Related image



Oh that man would come to true TRANQUILITY!

Oh that man would come to freedom!

Oh that man would come to Light!

Oh that man would come to Life!

Oh that man would come to rest!

Oh that man would come to peace!

Oh that man would come back to his CREATOR!

Only HIM can fill the void within man.

In HIM only can true TRANQUILITY be found!Related image


*Shalom Daniel



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