Extortion In The Name Of Aso Ebi


What is this thing about clothing for ceremonies. I don’t buy aso ebi, in fact I hate it. I will wear whatever dress I have to attend your function. 

But there come instances when you just have to buy. My brother in-law got married late last year and I had to join them in buying their aso ebi only to discover that the dress they sold for 7.5k is just 3k in the market and the dress faded on first wash. I told my wife that she forced me to buy it. That one is gone. 

Now, they are planning a funeral programme again and my wife is telling me I must buy their clothing material again. The dress, mine and hers will cost 29k, I got small sample of the material (for male and female), gave it to my textile dealer friend and she told me four trouser length of the male material will cost 6k, while the one for women (wrapper and head tie inclusive) will cost 13k making a total of 19k. I told my wife I’m not buying but she has been on my neck since two days now. 

How can someone be extorting me just because they wanted to do funeral? What kind of family thing is this? I’ll cough out 29k in this Baba’s economy and still give financial assistance to the woman whose father died o.

Why are our people like this?

Still standing my ground while my wife is still insisting I must pay even till now. The funeral comes up first weekend in October.

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