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ON THE OTHER SIDE {Part i} – Shalom Daniel



©Shalom Daniel

Not everyone will own a car.

Not everyone will own a house.

Not everyone will get married…

But everyone will die; one after another…

Death is a sure reality.

The After-Death is the surest reality; It’s more real than anything in this mundane existence.

Everything ends in death!

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Why do we cry when people die if they have truly gone to *rest*?

Are we crying for them or for ourselves?

Do they feel any pain/pleasure anymore?

Oh, maybe we are crying for their loved ones or we cry as their loved ones?

A day is coming when your properties (cars, houses, gadgets, wardrobe, even possibly spouse and children) will become another person’s own.

But all these (properties) and achievements you made your idols…

Alas! Death came knocking and you breathed your last breath in a jiffy!

But it’s unfortunate, you are now on the other side. You really wish you could come back, but you can’t…

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On the other side, you now regret that you never really lived, you merely existed in time.

Mammon was your motivating factor while you were on earth.

Your reason for acquiring the Western (fabricated) Education ultimately was Mammon.

Your reason for moving from pillar to post seeking greener pastures was ultimately Mammon.You never really cared about the main reason for your living.

You never really cared about divinity and humanity…

You never really lived.

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One day, the pit will be dug and you’ll be thrown there;

Yes, this will happen to all of us – we’ll all die!

Rain will fall on our carcasses, so also sunshine.

Our carcasses will decay with time, being full of million maggots.

Who cares whether our names are written on the sands of time?

How does it matter?

What matters is The After-Death.

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What then am I alluding?

Do all these mean that we choose mediocrity and complacency in this present life? No!

Strive for excellence.

Stir up your potentials.

Bless humanity.

But don’t ever seek permanence in the temporal…

Always remember that *You Brought Nothing Into This World And You Are Taking Nothing Out!*

To be continued.

©Shalom Daniel.

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