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See Pre-Wedding Photo Of The Lady Who Cancelled Her Wedding One Week To The D-Day


Love specialists have propagated that broken relationships are better than broken marriages, however, the person at the receiving end of a broken relationship find it a tough pill to swallow.

The case of Mr. Marshall Benard is the case of detraught and devastation after his fiancee dumped him a week to his wedding. According to Mr. Marshall Benard, he tried to get his fiancee, Gloria Patrick to reconsider her decision but it was like speaking reasons to a brick wall.

Mr. Marshall Benard, however, didn’t disclose the reason why his fiancee took the decision, he just called it “irreconcilable differences”.

A heartbroken Mr. Marshall Benard announced the cancellation of the wedding on his Facebook page and apologized to the invited guests while insisting that the bachelor’s eve will still hold as planned.

The post reads; 

1. Today, Monday, April 15, I was supposed to do a bulk SMS reminding everyone about my wedding this Saturday, April 20. But yesterday, Sunday, April 14, my bride canceled the wedding. Let’s just chuck it up on ‘irreconcilable differences.’

2. All efforts to get her to reconsider until 1 am last night proved ineffective. I respect her decision, but I wept like a baby. I could have done the unthinkable at midnight yesterday, but there is someone in me, called the Holy Spirit. He wouldn’t let me do that. Right now, I’m fine, believe me.

3. Part of the nightmare came from how I would be embarrassing the senior people in my life who I had invited to the wedding, some of who have already made financial commitments. The traditional rites would be held this Thursday, April 18, and more than 85% of everything was in place for both the tradition and white wedding. Again, I wept like a toddler.

4. This is an apology to the general public which I have invited to the wedding, some of who have already bought gifts, made flight and hotel reservations, etc. I respect you enough to give this explanation. I am truly sorry for this mess. To my sponsors, I am sorry.

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