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Photos: ”My Visit To The Ancient Cave Of Ashes… Isarun In Ondo State”


Ever heard of Cave of Ashes(Iho Eleru) located in the thick forest of ISarun Ondo state? 

That was my destination last weekend to go see for myself the historical cave that is said to have held the evidence of the origin of the human race. I must say that the entrance to the cave looks creepy and I was a bit scared, of wild animals and sacred intuitions but on the long run I took a old step and got closer. I particularly like the fact the entrance is open unlike the entrance to the Esa Cave in Ekiti, state.

Picture A : Road that leads to the cave. 

Picture B : Entrance to the cave. 

I was excited to visit this site because now, this is centred on scientific discovery and archeological research and not just myth and speculations that is well known with most historical sites in Nigeria.

Isarun is a very small town in Ondo State Nigeria, about 24km from the state capital Akure is along the Ilesha-Akure expressway and just 5minutes drive from its neighbouring town Igbara-oke. I can’t say if this is a proper tourist centre though but it is a place for tourists who love adventure(like me) to come visit. The chills and that strange vibe you get to go discover a new place should interest you.

Picture A : Some bush cocoyam at the foot of the cave. 

Picture B : Isarun Junction

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