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Nigerian Migrant Begs Lady For Sex In Italy, Robs Her After She Refused


A 31-year-old Nigerian man has been arrested by police authorities in Livorno, a city in Italy, after attacking and robbing a lady. 

According to reports, the Nigerian migrant approached the lady and begged her for sexual intercourse. Upon her refusal, he reportedly attacked the woman and snatched her bag. 

It was gathered that police officers on patrol spotted the woman chasing the man after the robbery as the Nigerian smashed a bottle on a car in a bid to escape.

The migrant allegedly insulted the police officers and also attacked one of them while resisting arrest after he was caught. He was searched and had some drugs found on him. 

During police interrogation with the woman, she revealed that the Nigerian had asked her for sex and when she refused, he hit her with his fists and dragged her purse, which is why she started chasing him. The man was arrested on charges of robbery, violence and injury to a public official.

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