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Man Spotted Dancing On A Coffin During Burial


An outrage has been sparked after a man was filmed dancing on a dead person’s coffin during a funeral. A cultural expert believes that this will anger the forefathers and make them retaliate.

South African cultural expert Mtimande Ngwenya told Daily Sun that not only will the man’s ancestors be angry – but so will those of the entire nation!
He believes the entire country should undergo a massive cleansing.

“This thing disrespects culture,” he said. “The country has lost its sense of humanity.”

He said the nation’s ancestors, including chiefs, struggle veterans and freedom fighters, are livid. “When these ancestors are angry, they attack the nation.”

In the video, mourners are shown carrying a coffin and singing while a man is sitting astride the coffin, riding it like a horse. He is swinging a sjambok and dancing and cheering.

The video was apparently taken during the funeral of a gangster in the Free State, although the date it was taken is unknown.

He said the video shows that South Africans can make a joke of anything. “They take funerals too lightly. “This has become a trend and someone has decided to turn this into a joke.”

He said the words on tombstones that say “Rest in Peace” are being rejected. “This kind of conduct does not allow a dead person any peace,” he said. “That’s why after funerals there are deaths or violence in families who do this. The ancestors retaliate.”

Ngwenya said the video would contribute to the chaos being experienced in the country.

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